Tik Tag

This is a concept video I did for Tik Tag, a system to help people in their 70s and 80s with their everyday lifes. It consists of an iPad, a couple of sensors and a case type thing to enclose the iPad and integrate it to a typical home of an elderly person.

Pressure, light and hydrosensors can be put into your laundry baskets, fridges or plants to collect data about their usage. If you forget to water your plants or just haven't done any laundry in some time, Tik Tag will remind you of those tasks.
It's supposed to integrate itself into your life without being too tedious.

A few class mates and I did the concept for Tik Tag last semester in our tangible interaction class.

Many thanks to Natalie for helping me with the video.

Shot with a Canon 60D
Edited in Final Cut Pro
Music by The Chemical Brothers – Orange Wedge

Only video is covered by a creative commons (CC BY 3.0) license.